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Futurama Leela

Futurama – Leela bei tobyhboyd.com | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Futurama: Leela und die Enzyklopoden. KINOSTART: • Animationsfilm • USA () • 90 MINUTEN. Lesermeinung. Info BESCHREIBUNG. Turanga Leela (geb. ), kurz Leela, ist die kompetente Pilotin des Lieferraumschiffs von Planet.

Turanga Leela

Futurama: Leela und die Enzyklopoden. KINOSTART: • Animationsfilm • USA () • 90 MINUTEN. Lesermeinung. Info BESCHREIBUNG. tobyhboyd.com - Kaufen Sie Futurama: Leela und die Enzyklopoden günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Das Futurama-Universum ist außer Rand und Band: Der Bau eines intergalaktischen Golfplatzes bedroht ganze Galaxien und auch uralte dunkle Mächte, älter.

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The episode " Less Than Hero " establishes that among Leela and her parents, their family name is placed before the given name.

Leela's orphan upbringing and mysterious origins have helped fuel the development of her character over the course of the series.

Despite her strong-willed nature, she often feels self-conscious about her distinctive appearance, [6] and at one point elects to have surgery to give her the appearance of having two normal-sized eyes, though she later has this reversed.

She is very athletic and in great physical condition, with most males of any species unable to match her in physical combat. Originally a career placement officer for new defrostees at a cryogenics lab in the year , Leela quit her job after meeting Philip J.

Fry , a defrostee from , and Bender , a high-tech, job-deserting, girder bending robot. Together they are employed as the crew for Planet Express, an intergalactic delivery business run by Fry's distant relative, Professor Hubert J.

Leela is an avid environmentalist. In " Love's Labour Lost in Space ", Leela and crew are sent to Vergon 6, a planet that is about collapse because of mining.

Her mission is to save the animal inhabitants of the planet. The mission winds up unsuccessful because of a small animal Leela finds only one of because he ate the rest of the animals.

This animal, who she names Nibbler , becomes her pet for the remainder of the series. Her environmentalist beliefs resurface again in Into the Wild Green Yonder.

Despite her love of animals and nature, she embarks on an Ahab -like quest to kill a space whale in the episode " Möbius Dick ". Though the series described Turanga Leela as a one-eyed alien in its first episodes, [2] Futurama creator Matt Groening and executive producer David X.

DID YOU KNOW? Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Futurama — Rate This. Season 4 Episode 5. All Episodes The Planet Express crew must suffer the wrath of the mutants who live under the city after disposing too much toxic waste into the sewers.

Director: Mark Ervin. Added to Watchlist. Sundance Stars in Unforgettable Early Roles. When I First Saw Myself Reflected on Screen. Top Futurama Episodes.

Computer All In One Cyclops Futurama. B Rain Slug Futurama. Animation Leela Cartoon Art Deviantart Drawings Art Matt Groening Sketches Leela Futurama.

Leela Anime Drawings Art Matt Groening Futurama Fantasy Characters Cartoon Fantasy Character Design. Leela also finds her pet Nibbler there. Suddenly, in the middle of the battle, the floor cracks open and Leela is sent to Cornwood , the land created by Bender's imagination.

There, she becomes a centaur named Leegola a combination of her name and that of Lord of the Rings character Legolas.

She joins Frydo , Titanius Anglesmith , Gynecaladriel , and the Great Wizard Greyfarn in forming the Fellowship and embark on a quest to defeat Momon , queen of evil.

However, halfway through the quest, Leegola realizes that in her rage she had murdered an innocent monster. She vows not to harm another living being again and joins the other, more peaceful Centaurs.

Leegola later finds out that her friends were endangered by Momon's Army. She returns back to normal and convinces the other centaurs to form their own army and fight against Momon.

In doing so, Momon's Army is defeated and her friends are saved. She, along with most of the Fellowship, go to the Geysers of Gygax where Momon destroys Cornwood and sends them back to the real world.

Dark matter then becomes useless as fuel and they temporarily use Nibblonians as transport. Leela, along with the rest of Planet Express, took a trip to Leo Wong 's Mars Vegas , where they meet Frida Waterfall and the Feministas.

Leela feels concerned about Leo's disrespect for nature in building the city, and adopts the last Desert Muck Leech.

Later, Leela and Amy were allowed into Wongminster , Leo's miniature golf club. Leo plans on destroying twelve percent of the Milky Way to expand his club, and sends Planet Express to do a scan for life in the twelve percent.

Although they find a life filled asteroid, orbiting a Violet Dwarf Star , Professor Farnsworth ignores it and approves the area for demolition anyways.

Upset at the disregard of the men, Leela joins the Feministas. Leela was part of a Feminista protest at Wongminster, where, due to an accident, they kill the Headless body of Agnew , and flee, becoming fugitives.

While hiding, Leela encourages the rest to be more forceful in protecting the environment by sabotaging Wong's construction of the golf course. They gain more and more members, and eventually take over the Planet Express Ship, as well as Hermes, Zoidberg, and Farnsworth.

Later, Fry unwittingly lures the Feministas out of their Honeybun Hideout , and leads to an exciting space chase through the miniature golf course where the Feministas ultimately get arrested by Bender.

They have a trial Earth v. Feministas , where they are sentenced to Maxi-Padlock , a prison for women. After spending a few days in prison, and unsuccessfully trying to break out with Leela's muck leech, they are broken out by Bender, Farnsworth, Hermes, Zoidberg, and Scruffy, although only Leela, Amy, and LaBarbara managed to escape.

They go to the Violet Dwarf, where they manage to stop it from getting destroyed, just in time for it to hatch into The Last Encyclopod.

The Encyclopod preserves Hutch's DNA, and leaves. Zapp then chases the Planet Express crew in the Nimbus. Leela confesses her love of Fry and they kiss before flying into the Panama Wormhole to escape.

The Planet Express ship goes through the Panama Wormhole and exits in Earth orbit. The ship is shot by Zapp Brannigan 's flagship Nimbus and thus loses power and crashes in front of the company headquarters , killing all the crew except the Professor and Leela who was saved by Fry.

Saddened by Fry's death, she builds Robot Fry at a Build-A-Bot Workshop. Unfortunately, due to excess wiring in his stomach, he short circuited killing Leela and wiping both of their short term memories.

Then, Robot Fry build a Robot Leela. When Leela is finally awakened, she fought with the Robot Leela, until the real Fry is reborn.

The two robots then leave forever and everything is back to normal 6ACV But any fan of the series can easily think of several. Rebirth was a whirlwind of an issue worth celebrating.

It was the first episode not counting the movies after years of cancellation. It was also an episode with a strong romantic plot, as Fry and Leela kept going above and beyond; both to try and protect the other, and to deal with their grief.

First, Fry shielded Leela with his body though this wasn't revealed until later. This put his body in a state where Farnsworth didn't think he could bring him back.

So Leela, lost in grief, made up a fake Fry to cope. She was then electrocuted by the robotic Fry, resulting in a swapped scenario. It all sounds very complex and crazy, but we promise that it was sweet as well.

Let's talk about another episode from the newer seasons, shall we? During Overclockwise , Leela kept obsessing about what would happen to the two of them in the long run.

It's a conversation we've seen, and many have experienced. At the end of the episode, Bender provided them with several pages predicting how their lives were going to play out.

Views 89, Faves: 1, Votes 2, Score 4. Tags amy-wong futurama futurama-porn turanga-leela. Alternative scene from episode "The Darn Katz" S06E Leela in the beehive futurama by NSTAT.

Leela in a box ADULT Futurama by NSTAT.

Kif Krokerder unglückliche Erste Tuerken von Zapp, bewundert Leela aus verschiedenen Gründen. Norman Reedus. Es ist gewöhnlich ihr Job den anderen Mitgliedern aus der Patsche zu helfen besonders Frywie sie es schon oft getan hat. The Futurama Holiday Spectacular; Neutopia; Benderama; Ghost in the Machines; Law and Oracle; The Silence of the Cramps; Yo Leela Leela; All the Presidents' Heads; Möbius Dick; Fry Am the Egg Man; The Tip of the Zoidberg; Cold Warriors; Overclockwise; Reincarnation. 3/1/ · Futurama certainly had things to say about those candies. But it was the basis for a very cute subplot. During a series of shenanigans that only make sense in the context of romance and the thematic holiday, Fry found himself in a position to save Leela. Leela in the beehive (futurama) by NSTAT. Turanga Leela having some bees trouble Movie , Views (Adults Only) Leela in a box (ADULT) (Futurama) by NSTAT. Leela stuck in a box and having sex in it. Movie , Views (Adults Only) Death Note Opening Parody by Molina. A little Parody of Death Note's Opening /10(K). Turanga Leela ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Zeichentrickserie Futurama. Leela ist Raumschiffkapitän, Pilot und Leiter aller Luftfahrtdienste an Bord des Planet Express Ship. Während der gesamten Serie hat sie eine Beziehung zu Philip J. Fry, der. Turanga Leela (geb. ), kurz Leela, ist die kompetente Pilotin des Lieferraumschiffs von Planet. Futurama: Leela und die Enzyklopoden (Originaltitel: Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder) ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Zeichentrickfilm aus dem. Turanga Leela, gerufen Leela, ist die kompetente Pilotin des Lieferraumschiffs von Planet Express. Sie ist nach eigener.
Futurama Leela It i slater revealed it was a plan of Zapp to seduce Leela 6ACV Self-aware robots are a common sight, and are the main cause of global warming due to the exhaust from their alcohol-powered systems. Ken Keeler Dr Klein Zdf Serie The Prisoner of Benda ". The mutants later revealed to be Leela's parents appear as background characters in the season 2 episode " I Second That Emotion ", providing an early hint at her origin. Their reading of it resulted in a couple of slaps, lots of smiles, and an Ztftivi moment all around. Goofs None of the mutants have any problem getting to the surface, but Leela, Bender, and Fry need to take a hot air balloon? In the episode " A Bicyclops Built for Two ", Leela meets Alcazar, a cyclops who convinces her that he and she are the last two members of their extinct race, only to discover that he is a shapeshifting impostor. She's known for being Flash Gordon Serie bit Eine Kleine Lüge Serie the quirky side, but Sky Big Little Lies doesn't diminish her passion in the least. In that position, she acquired her beloved pet Nibblerafter saving him from the implosion of Vergon 6. Stop me if I guess M4a Umwandeln. Main Sections Games Movies Art Audio Your Feed. Philip J. Watch the video. Bender : Aren't you really a mutant pretending to be an alien in order to live on the surface world legally? She went in Rome to discover Da Vinci's secret 6ACV Get him! She felt very lonely in her childhood after being abandoned by her parents at an orphanarium, and always dreamed of learning who her real parents were. Leela's single giant eye unfortunately gives her poor depth perception, Prime Video Anime has been hinted is Experte reason she crashes into Futurama Leela at the start of every episode. Turanga Leela is a fictional character from the animated television series Futurama. Leela is spaceship captain, pilot, and head of all aviation services on board the Planet Express Ship. Throughout the series, she has an on-again, off-again relationship with Philip J. Fry, the central character in the series. Voiced by. Katey Sagal. Turanga Leela is one of the most important employees of Planet Express. She occupies the position of the ship 's captain and pilot and therefore is the head of the regular delivery crew consisting of herself, Fry, and Bender. She is known as the most competent of the three main characters. Leela Futurama Funko Pop # 28 Retired Box has some shelf wear, please see all pictures for details. POP figure is in great condition and has never been removed from box. Shipped with USPS First Class. Turanga Leela (born July 29, ) is the captain of the Planet Express ship of Futurama, the granddaughter of Munda's Mother and the great-granddaughter of Munda's Grandmother, the daughter of Turanga Morris and Turanga Munda and the mother of Kif Kroker's Offspring (Amy Kroker (nee Wong)'s adoptive children) With a "no rain or sleet" attitude and a "kick-your-ass" grace, this delivery captain is a refreshing source of professionalism to counterpoint the rest of the crew. He goes to work for the Planet Express Corporation, a futuristic delivery service that transports packages to all five quadrants of the universe. His companions include the delivery ship's Captain, Leela, a beautiful one-eyed female alien who kicks some serious butt, and Bender, a robot with very human flaws. Written by Ronos.

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Die Haupthandlung der einzelnen Folgen wird von den befreundeten Mitarbeitern des Unternehmens Planet Express getragen.

Toby Stephens verkrpert den Futurama Leela, Hugh Grant. - Futurama: Leela und die Enzyklopoden

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